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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taking the plunge

So...I've been toying with the idea of an etsy shop for a very long time, now. And, well, I finally did it. I made some cute reversible cowls out of old sweaters, had a lovely friend model them for me, and listed a whopping three whole items in my modest little shop. Take a gander:

Earlier this week, I sold a reversible striped/blue cotton cowl! Granted, it was to a friend of mine, but it's still a sale! I have some other things in the works for the shop, once I have a moment to catch my breath(the wedding is exactly one month from today! Eeek!), and I think it's the kind of thing I'll slowly build up over the following months. Still, it's kind of terrifying to put yourself out there like that...


  1. Congratulations! And those cowls are very cute!

  2. Thank you! I actually just picked up a bunch more supplies, and hope to have several more items up this week! :)


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