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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wedding Daze

Wow, we're less than a month away from the wedding. So little to do, so much time. Wait...scratch that, reverse it.

I've been getting exciting packages in the mail all. the. time. Like these awesome flasks I had made for my bridesmaids and myself by Whimsy and Ink on etsy.

So much fun! Awesome photos await us.

And my reception dress(because I'm planning on only getting married once so I may as well have fun with it) by Betsey Johnson.

I heart the ruffles. I'm going to feel like Kaylee in "Shindig".

I've been making some progress on my bouquet, as well. I actually purchased the watercolors I need to paint my coffee filter roses, and I started putting the brooches on floral wire. This is going to be a blingtastic bouquet!

 Seriously, though, it's going to weigh like ten pounds.

The lace for my wedding dress arrived, as well, so fitting the dress and adding the lace overlay is next on my list. Thankfully the weekend before the wedding is a four-day weekend for both Mr. Bear and myself, so that'll be our crunch weekend to get everything done that still needs to be. Mr. bear impressed the hell out of me the other day by writing his own photobooth program for the reception. So...that's done, then.

I've been trying not to get too overwhelmed with everything, and take some time to enjoy the gorgeous spring while it's here. In that vein, here are some shots of our gorgeous blooming front yard, where I managed to not kill all the bulbs.

I'm doing a test run on cake this weekend for Mother's Day. I shall post my triumph(or failure) for you all to see next week.


  1. Ooh Exciting! I just got engaged (3 weeks ago) and am a bit overwhelmed by all the things to do. I love the Shindig-style dress! It's so cute. I want to do paper flowers at our wedding because of loving origami so I'm intrigued by your coffee filter roses. What will this be?

  2. Congratulations on your engagement!!! XD
    Martha Stewart did a tutorial on coffee filter roses, where you use the flat coffee filters(not the ruffly kind that look like big cupcake liners), and cut out petals from them, then tape them to floral wire to make a big rose, which is then hand-painted in watercolor. It's a very labor-intensive process, but the results are beautiful! A few brides on the Offbeat Bride community have made them for their bouquets, and the result looks very nearly like a real rose, but of course lasts much longer. :)

  3. Your brooch bouquet is divine! Are you planning on adding the coffee filter roses in with that bouquet? Or will they be for your bridesmaids?

    1. Sorry, I *just* spotted this comment!
      I incorporated the coffee filter roses into my own bouquet. My bridesmaids each carried a peony. :)


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