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Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Hexipuff Knitting Charts

Here is the corgi chart I promised. It'll look cute duplicate-stitched onto a hexipuff.

I also finished out my Harry Potter series;

A Golden Snitch

The Ravenclaw Eagle

And finally, the Gryffindor Lion

Now I can make a really really geeky quilt.

I'm going to get as much knitting in this summer as I can, since I'm starting school again in the fall. I'll be spending the next few years getting an x-ray technician's degree, after which Mr. Bear will be getting transferred to Portland to pursue a Computer Science's degree that will let him jump into the officer's track(Lieutenant Bear!), and I will be able to start my master's program! Ah, the life of a professional student.



  1. Wheee! I'm a HP fan just starting the whole Hexipuff Adventure, and I squealed with joy when I found your HP charts. Hooray!! Thanks so much for posting them, and you will *not* be alone in your quilt geekiness!


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