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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Days 23, 24, and 25

 Behind again, I see. How the days slip away...

Tuesday's assignment was A Sunset. There are too many trees where I am to get a good picture of a sunset, so Mr. Bear and I packed up the corgi and paid a visit to the local Rose Garden, at sunset, to photograph sunset-colored roses.

The Rose Garden smelled like heaven. We attended a wedding there a couple of months ago, before the roses were in bloom, but it was still gorgeous.

Wednesday's assignment was A Smile.
I've been rather ill and confined to the house, which is made more bearable by Ponyo's constant presence. Who could feel down when confronted with a corgi smile?

Today's assignment was A Sunflare.
I confess I didn't capture the light soon enough today to make a sunflare, so instead I'm using one of the many sunflare pictures I took on our trip to Friday Harbor this past spring.

Mr. Bear took me for a romantic trip in that rowboat when we were first dating. It is one of my dreams to collect enough driftwood from that shore to make a wedding arch.

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