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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 21; Pretty Pattern

 Okay, asking me to pick just one pretty pattern is a form of psychological torture to which I refuse to submit. I did narrow it down from the dozens of pictures I took, though.

First, two examples of the Atlas(or adliss or however you like to spell it, there doesn't seem to be a consensus) fabric I brought back from Da Bazaar(The Big Bazaar) in Urumqi.

 This is traditional atlas, woven on a narrow loom. This example is shot through with beautiful metallic thread.

 This is an example of a modern interpretation on the traditional pattern, printed on a silky synthetic fabric. It drapes beautifully.

The second pattern I chose is my own! This is the fabric I designed on Spoonflower a few years ago(and yes, it is available for purchase there).

 I cut my fat quarters up into triangles for a quilting workshop I hosted earlier this year.

Only one person came, so I have a lot left over.

Maybe I'll make a mini quilt!

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