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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jill and Mary's Day of the Dead Wedding

Today was the wedding of two of my very favorite people; Jill Malone and Mary DuChene. They are so so so incredibly in love and so perfect for each other. It was an honor and a privilege to bear witness to their marriage.

Plus, they had the most awesome wedding ever!! Day of the Dead themed, in the middle of August. Perfect. I totally got into it.

 Mr. Bear is a spoil-sport and wouldn't let me paint his face.

 I wasn't the only one who went all out with the theme! 

 Jill's son and the maid of honor's daughter were so incredibly adorable and took to their roles with gusto.

 Matt here is commenting how all these pictures are going to end up on Bird Hearts Bear. Good call, Matt. They were lighting the tealights for the altar.

 It was also Day of the Newborns! Levi, 4 months old, Spencer, 1 1/2 months old, and Raziel, only 5 days old(!), were all in attendance and very much in demand.

 Lovely Crystal had fun keeping Maddy entertained during the toasts.

 Anytime these two are near each other, the love that pours out of them is undeniable and overwhelming. I am so happy for them both that they found each other.

My favorite part of the night was watching the brides dancing with their sons.
 Jill and G have the most awesome relationship ever, and he is such a cool kid. I hope he appreciates how rad his mom is and how much she loves him.

Mary looked spectacular in her dress(which the maid of honor made! Jealous!) and her dashing son walked her down the aisle.

The reception was a blast and I was having too much fun to be bothered with taking pictures after this, but some other shutter-happy types snapped these, for which I am grateful:

Today's photo assignment was What I Read, and I'm sad to say pretty much the only thing I read was a bottle label!

In my defense, it was really good beer!


  1. Chae. You heart-breaking woman. Thank you for this post. Thank you for the amazing Crayola melt of beauty that is our wedding present. Thank you for painting your face. Thank you for your enthusiasm. My heart. I just don't know what else to say. My heart is this throbbing ache. I love you and Tony. Thank you for celebrating with us. -Jill

  2. I'm glad you liked the canvas! Tony built the frame himself. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your day, it was beautiful.

  3. This is a beautiful blog entry. :)


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