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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 4: Favorite Colors

My current favorite colors are aqua/turquoise and red, which are my wedding colors, of course. I've always thought it was a striking combination, and I think it compliments our carnival circus theme perfectly!

The shoes are my wedding shoes. They are the Siren platforms by Iron Fist. You can order them from Iron Fist directly(when I bought them last year they were not carrying this design anymore, so I paid almost double to have them shipped from the UK. C'est la vie).


  1. It seems to be a popular theme these days! It's my wedding color theme too. :)

  2. i have these shoes,
    and love them

    i also am looking at iron fist shoes, for my wedding shoes and im buying my bridesmais there iron fist shoes to ;)
    coz every lady needs iron fist shoes in there life!!

  3. So true! Especially when you're super short and have a super tall groom, like I do. The Iron Fist platforms will really help with that wedding kiss. ;)


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