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Friday, August 12, 2011

Garden Update

Tomatoes! Cucumbers! Peppers! Herbs!

We have plants! And some of them are actually producing food. Who'd have guessed?

Yesterday, Mr. Bear picked and ate our very first tomato! He said it was good, but I wouldn't really know, not being a tomato fan myself. I think it kind of looked like a heart. We have two more on that vine, and then two teeny tiny little cherry tomatoes.

We also have a cucumber! With more on the way! Only one of our cucumber vines seems to be pollinating, though I've been trying to help the other vine along. But just look at this guy! He's gonna be tasty.

 We don't really remember what kind of peppers these are, or how to tell when they're ready, but we have a dozen of them!

I also managed to grow an entire pot of basil from seed by myself!

Sweet basil, cinnamon basil, purple Thai basil, it's all in there! It's over-crowded, I got lazy on my thinning. I'll fix that, and make pasta sauce!

We got a very hardy basil plant from the local market earlier, and I planted it in the teapot planter Desiree gave me. I think it looks quite jaunty.

I've fallen behind on my photo assignments again. Time to play catch up!

Day 11: Something Fun
Playing with the Ponyo puppy! I wish you could hear the ridiculous sounds she makes when she attacks her rope toys.

Day 12: Close Up
A lovely scrap fabric stool I saw while window shopping today. I might use this as color inspiration for my Beekeeper's Quilt.

Part of a tiny bicycle sculpture.

In other news, we finally have air conditioning! Just in time for Mr. Bear's birthday. Butters will be very pleased.

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