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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Four and a Half Weeks

 Our girls no longer resemble the adorable balls of fluff they were just a few weeks ago. Instead, they are looking like full-on chickens, and are now alternating between peeps and clucks. Their personalities have evolved as well. Ada, once our most docile chick, has become quite an aggressive little lady, competing with Rosie to rule the roost. Marie is now the most docile. Ruth is still antisocial, and has seemed to convince the others that being held by humans is bad, as they now all resist us when being handled. They've also begun taking experimental flights with their impressive wings.

 Marie is inquisitive, and is displaying the puffy cheeks of an Easter Egger.

 Rosie is still the leader, though Ada is giving her a run for her money. She is also the most clucky so far.

 After we moved the girls into their new brooder, Ada's personality radically shifted. She is now very brassy and bold and continually challenges the other birds.

 Ruth still wants nothing to do with us. C'est la vie.

I've begun giving them noodles to play with, which is endlessly amusing, and also long stringy apple peels. We gave them some play time with Butters, to get acquainted. Butters got a little too nosy with them and they flapped at her, which scared the poop out of the poor bunny. They're not ready to transition out to the coop yet, and won't be for several more weeks. Which is good, because we haven't had time to make the coop ready for them yet!

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