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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Beekeeper's Quilt

This post could be alternately titled; Obsession.

Stephanie Dosen, who is one of my all-time favorite knit designers, has released a new pattern, called The Beekeeper's Quilt, and it has stolen my heart. It's everything I could want in a quilt, lends itself to interpretation quite nicely, and my hands have been begging to knit it.

How perfect is that? So pretty. She advises knitting them during the "in-between time", such as waiting in line or on the bus. I have oodles of time on my hands currently, so I think I'll just make a go of it.

As it stands, I have not yet cast on to knit my first hexipuff(as the individual components are known), but I have been amusing myself by coming up with charts to duplicate stitch tiny pictures onto them once I have a small pile. In the spirit of sharing, I shall provide them here for anyone who would like a small motif for their project.
 A bunny chart inspired by Butters, though it now occurs to me I should make a corgi chart as well.
One of the lovely ladies in the knit-a-long group for this project requested a koala, and since I too love the little marsupials, I came up with the above.
I've made two Harry Potter charts, a badger for Hufflepuff and a snake for Slytherin. I plan on making charts for the other two houses, as well as maybe a snitch.

 I worry the badger looks too much like a cow, but it was the best I could do.

The snake turned out quite well.

I am behind on my 30 day photo challenge, I know. I had some bad news that has somewhat derailed me, and in all honesty the charts have been distracting me from dwelling too much on it. But more on that later, for now just enjoy the charts.


  1. Where's the Corgi? You know you need to have a Corgi on your quilt. Sorry about the bad news - hope things turn out ok for you.

  2. I did make a corgi chart! It will be forthcoming here, but I already posted in on Ravelry in the Tiny Owl Knits group in the Beekeeper's Quilt charts thread, along with a Golden Snitch chart.


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