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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3: Clouds

I peeked out the window this morning, and there were no clouds. Nothing but blue skies. So I waited a few hours, checked again. Still nothing. Eventually it became clear that there will be no clouds in the sky for me today, and while I love the beautiful weather, it put me in a bit of a pickle regarding today's assignment.

The obvious solution? Make clouds! Yes!

For this project, I used:

1 scrapbook paper measuring 4.5 x 6.5 inches
blue sewing thread
clear tape
wool roving
a glue gun

But of course you can do this project with other materials, this is just what I had on hand.

 Please forgive the blue-on-blue, my backgrounds are limited.
I cut my blue scrapbook paper into rain drops in three sizes; sprinkle, bucket, and downpour. I just eyeballed it, but be as precise or loose as you like!

 Play around with the placement. I went with a linear design here, but another option is to suspend each drop at varying length, making a "cloud' of rain".

To suspend the drops, I cut lengths of thread and taped them to the back of the drops. You could also glue or sew them.

For the cloud itself, I used wool roving, available here. Cotton balls or batting would make a good substitute, or cut fluffy cloud shapes out of felt or fabric.

To shape the clouds, I gently rolled the roving back and forth in my hand to slightly felt it, and then teased it into puffy, well, puffs.

Once I had my puffs arranged in a pleasingly cloud-like configuration, I used hot glue to affix the puffs to each other, and then to affix the raindrop strings to the back of the cloud. I backed by cloud with a paper towel(all I had on hand), but any kind of backing would give it more stability.

  I then hung my new cloudy friend on the wall. I'm quite fond of him. I think he would look charming surrounded by a brightly colored frame and patterned background.

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