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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wedding Cake Inspiration Roundup

I've been to a lot of weddings this year, and had a lot of cake. Mr. Bear doesn't really care for cake, so any cake-related decisions about our June wedding next year are left up to me. I'm planning on making them myself, so I'm eschewing the traditional towering edifice of fondant and gum paste for something more simple.

We'll be having several cakes, all sitting at different heights on homemade cake stands. They will be iced mostly in white, so I've been looking for cakes that have interesting and textured icing to give it some visual interest. The greatest resource I have come across is i am baker. If you haven't seen her cakes, go check them all out, they're astounding, but here are my favorites.

She has amazing tutorials on frosting and decorating. Even so, I anticipate a lot of practice cakes in my future.

I've also been finding some inspiration via Pinterest.

 Red Velvet Cheesecake from Sugar and Charm.

Anniversary Cake from The Faux Martha.

The hard part will be narrowing my favorites down to a manageable number. I really love the simple designs and homemade look they have. Our wedding will be neither formal nor fussy, and the cakes will reflect that. Also, I've decided there will be a cakewalk, so I'll be making an extra cake just for that!


  1. I saw your bio blurb "I'm a nerdy vegetarian anthropologist..." and immediately thought it was an intro for "They Fight Crime".
    Be Well

  2. I wasn't familiar with "They Fight Crime" until you said that, but now I'm hooked! Refresh, refresh, refresh...

  3. i like the heart in the middle cake and the layers of pink cake. they all look delish!


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