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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer...

 The lake was sunny and gorgeous, the water refreshing and not too cold, and the company charming. I had the luxury of spending nearly the entire day by the water. Mr. Bear unfortunately had to work and was only able to join me after everyone else had already retreated from the sun.

All of my lovely friends were bedecked in their retro bathing beauty best.

Aren't her toes fabulous? They were easily twenty times more sparkly in person. She's promised to give me the same treatment in the color of my choice, and I can't wait. My own poor Plain Jane toes were embarrassed to be seen out.

Ponyo had a big day today, as well. I took her into the water for her first swim! It didn't go very well, she is definitely not a fan of the water. Mostly she sat next to me, shaking in terror, though all her feet were firmly on the bottom. I did manage to coax a bit of a swim out of her, but it was a frantic swim for shore!

Even wet and hating life, she was the belle of the beach, with many children asking to pet her and wondering what happened to her tail.

 All in all, an exhausting day of naps and belly rubs.

Lovely Jana brought her new little man out to the beach with her today. Levi is adorable and very well behaved for a three-month-old. Mostly he snuggled with the ladies and took naps. I'm beginning to suspect babies are very much like puppies.

 I neglected to bring my copy of The Poisoner's Handbook to read while I waited for Mr. Bear, once everyone had left. Luckily he wasn't long behind everyone else, and after he'd eaten we made our way to the beach for a romantic swim. 

I regretfully inform you I have no pictures of that to share. *wink*

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  1. I love seeing pictures of Ponyo! She looks so happy. Maggie doesn't like the water either. Corgis just may not be water dogs. Although Maggie LOVES to run through the sprinkler!

  2. I have seen corgis that enjoy splashing around in the water, but Ponyo is definitely not one of those!
    The water aside, Ponyo is doing quite well, considering her past. She's a bit anxious and neurotic, but very sweet and affectionate.


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