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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 2: What I Wore

 It's a beautifully sunny day, and some friends and I are going to spend it at the lake. I think I'll bring Ponyo, she'd love the lake. Mr. Bear says swimming can count as our "gym time" today.

On the left is my bathing suit, consisting of the top half of a women's suit and a pair of men's swimming trunks. The men's trunks are always cuter and more modest than the women's "swim shorts", it seems. Being scantily clad at the burlesque show is one thing, baring it all on the beach is another!
On the right is my coverup, which I constantly wear as just a dress now that it's consistently hot out. There's a unifying anchor theme in today's wardrobe. 

I'm sure this evening I will have many lake stories to share and silly pictures to show!

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