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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Winter in Review

Though the snow has melted now, we got dumped on a few times this year. I love the crist white contrast of the snow against the landscape, but the cold did keep me inside most of the winter, snuggled up with a bear and a corgi.

Welcome to our home!

Ponyo doesn't care for the snow either, and has to be coaxed out into it. She hates getting her paws wet.

Wedding preparations are nerve-wracking, but fun! We've been ordering and making decorations. The lanterns we will festoon the barn with arrived, and I told Mr. Bear we simply must assemble them all to see how they look en masse, to make sure there aren't any holes to fill, color-wise.

I think they look very fetching altogether, yes? After the wedding, I will create a chandelier out of them for the house.

Mr. Bear and I recently celebrated our anniversary(which one, you'll have to guess!) with a lovely dinner, a show, dessert, and gifts.

Such a handsome bear, writing a little love note. We left it in the
drawer of the little table we had dessert at in the restaurant.

Rice Krispie Bears for my Mr. Bear
made from my mother's vintage mold.

Flowers, chocolates, promises he intends to keep...
A silk handkerchief from WWII, given by
Air Force fellas to their gals back home.

With all the wind and cold we've been having, I find myself spending my time between classes wandering around the science building. If you take it in bits and pieces, it's almost like a Natural History/Art Museum.

Butterfly Display

Geology Display

Spiral Floor with Nautilus Mosaic Inlay

Had a lovely girls' night with my maid of honor, complete with silly beauty treatments. Seriously, if you've never heard of Curlformers and hate having to use heat on your hair to get curls, check these out!


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