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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cabaret Noir, coming November 2nd!

Rouge your knees, roll your stockings down, and get ready for a dark and smoky show!
The guys and dolls of Pasties and Paddles are back with a speakeasy-themed Halloween cabaret and burlesque show. Expect high-energy group numbers, sultry solos, homages to your favorite horror stories(American and otherwise), and more garter stockings than you can imagine!

Do me a favor, lovelies, and go like my performer page, Knitty van Tassle so you can stay current on my burlesque activities and modelling.

I have a very special act in the works for this show, and I'll give you some clues:
 What do a red finger-wave wig...

 Some glitter acrylic sheeting...

And black tassel pasties have in common?

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