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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Adventure Time!

Did you all have a lovely Thanksgiving, if you were in a country that celebrates it?
We got a surprise...

Mr. Bear got orders to Lakenheath, England!

So, basically, we have 7-8 months to get everything in order, and then we are moving across the pond, so to speak. Juniper will be about a year old(I'm hoping we'll still be here on her birthday so we can celebrate with everyone). We're very excited, it was our top choice on our "Dream Sheet" for postings. We expect to be there about 4 years, and oh, the traveling!

I haven't been to England since 2009, there's so much I didn't get to do that was on my list. I'm really looking forward to having years there. Junebug will be about five when we return to the U.S., so I'm hoping she'll have some memories of living abroad. And we'll probably have another child while we're there.

We have to get started on Ponyo's vaccinations so we can avoid the quarantine period, she would not handle that well. And we're definitely not going to be able to take Butters with us, which breaks my heart, so I've started looking for a foster home for her. I have several people who have offered to take our hens. Ah, the life of a nomadic homesteader.

My head is swimming! So much to do, to plan, to think!

I foresee a gigantic yard sale in our future.

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