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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Knight come to call

Patty and David came in on Friday, and stayed until today, which was a lovely treat. Of course we got up to the usual hijinx:
Vampy photos.
Nice Photos.
Proof that David doesn't like girls.
More proof David doesn't like girls.
Even his wife.
Mustache Party!!!
A trip to Hastings yielded a surprise discovery:
Renaissance Art Book...
...excellent hiding place for porn! That was a very good issue of Hustler, by the way.
Most overused name for a cat besides "Fluffy":
On Saturday we saw "A Haunting in Connecticut". Save your money. Most predictable movie ever.
After lunch we went back to the hotel and played Scrabble Upwords. None of us had played before, but we at least attempted to follow the rules at first.
Kate and Patty both lost interest shortly after this point, and we declared "anything goes" to finish it. It's a long game.

We all met at Cafe Marron for breakfast this morning, before Mr. and Mrs. Knight began the long drive home.


  1. Thank you for entertaining us during our very short stint in Spokane, from now on all pretty girls are required to travel south for such engaging acts of randomness. We have better food, taller stripper poles and more beards by far. Totally.


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