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Monday, March 23, 2009


I really have no excuse for my laziness. I've been back for a week now, my sleep schedule should have returned to normal and I should be catching up on my work. Instead I'm still up all night watching television. It is Spring Break, but still, I should at least make an effort to be productive. Being gone for three months can only excuse you for so long.
Tomorrow I am going to finally see Coraline with a good friend as a belated birthday celebration for her. I've brought her a present from China, which I hope she'll enjoy:

Guan Yin, the female Buddha, of whom my friend is a devotee. I bought her in a small shop in the neighborhood around the Yonghegong Temple in Beijing, which was regrettably closed when I tried to visit.

I'm getting excited about my own birthday, which is tomorrow. A few of my friends reported suffering a sort of crisis at reaching twenty-five, but I have so far been unaffected. I feel very good about where I am and where my life is going. The friends I have are genuine and supportive, my professors think highly of me and let me know my hard work is appreciated, I feel healthy and energetic. I think my late twenties are going to be even better than my early twenties.

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