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Monday, April 13, 2009

Christmas 2009 Preview

Attention friends;

Coming to you this Christmas, from the same workshop that brought you Plush-Size-Me Patty Doll and countless Ren faire costumes, comes the Need Apron Knock-off(because really, why pay more for something made from a commercial pattern?).


  1. OMG! It that a palpitation in my long dormant chest cavity? I am quite smitten with it, to be clear- want one please! Should also mention a few upcoming events of possible interest; the Edward Gorey Garden Party June 14th and a possible tour-a-long following the Whomping Willows + the Remus Lupins in July.

  2. Of course! When I arrive, we will hit the fabric stores and you may pick out whatever fabric appeals to your gothic housewife sensibilities(have you seen Jay McCarroll's adorably creepy woodland deer fabric?). An Edward Gorey Garden Party? Could there be a more delightful activity for a summer day with friends? That will be the week before my graduation, I shall have to see what I can arrange in terms of visitation. Lovely Alex and Matt are always a treat, and I will have an adorable furry companion by then!


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