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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Firefly Birthday Party

For my 27th birthday party/farewell to the old house party, I decided to have a Firefly-themed shindig. I was pleased my guests rose to the occasion and came dressed in their futuristic-cowboy best.

I used some scarves I brought back from China to give my living room an "Inara's Shuttle" feel.

Yes, Mr. Bear is wearing a Hawaiian shirt, a la Wash.

These two are adorable.

Yes, Mr. Bear even had a dinosaur in his pocket.

My best friend since we were 8.

I'm still amazed we fit that many people in our tiny house. There were about 18 of us.

We moved the party to Bon Bon, a tiny little bar that serves only Prohibition-era cocktails. I enjoyed celebrating with all the other couples PnP has brought together.

Here's another couple, awaiting their first child.

And another. All adorable, all in love. I think we should start marketing PnP as a burlesque shoe/matchmaking service. Our quirky little family has created, off the top of my head, five long-term couples, many of them taking the matrimonial plunge.

This was one of the best birthday celebrations I've had, and I needed it. My dear aunt, Denise passed away this morning after a battle with cancer. Mr. Bear and I got to visit her a couple weeks ago, but I have had a horrible cold for over a month, so I was only able to talk to her through a window. I will always be heartbroken that I wasn't able to be at her bedside as the rest of my family was.

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