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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Artist Trading Cards Swap

This week, I made my first ATCs, or Artist Trading Cards. My friend, Desiree, organized a swap party with some of her artist friends and invited me as well, even though I'm not really an artist. I had absolutely no idea what to do, so I took a bag of random supplies to the weekly craft day I attend, and pulled these together:

I went for a general fairy tale/literary theme. A '1001 Tales' card, a Harry Potter card, Kuan Yin, Fairy Tale cottage, pirate ship, etc...

The backs I designed in photoshop and paint, and then Mr. Bear cut them out for me on his laser. I sandwiched them all together and stitched them on my machine.

These are the cards I chose at the swap:

Mr. Bear made the circut board cards with a dead board(though it still hurt his heart to cut it up). He etched his signatures onto the backs.

I want to organize a swap with all of my crafty friends now, but half of us are planning weddings or having babies and we're all so busy!

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  1. so pretty! you did a great job:)

  2. Very lovely. Can't say you're not an artist!

  3. Wow! How cute are those? What a great idea.

  4. Of course, after I finished my elaborate, time-consuming cards, I find perfect 2.5x3.5 mini canvases at JoAnn's. Maybe next time...


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