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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Put 'em up!

Hello, dear readers!

How was your summer? We are on the cusp of Fall, hands-down my favorite season. I anticipate trips to Greenbluff for apples(and, oh my, apple doughnuts!), cider, much knitting...heaven.

While I am head over heels in love with the autumn months, this summer has been good to me. And thanks to my generous mother and the pressure canner she gifted me with last winter, I can keep some of this summer sunshine deep into the snowy days.

Mr. Bear and I, along with my lovely friend Desiree, attended the first weekend of Greenbluff's Peach Festival a couple months back. We came home with an entire bushel of peaches! 50lbs of summer goodness! Around 200 peaches! I split this splurge in two groups; half a bushel of yellow freestone Elegant Lady peaches, and half a bushel of white freestone Sugar Lady peaches. Thus began the Great Week of Canning.

With Desiree and Mr. Bear's help, we managed to can all of the peaches, minus a few we ate fresh because, c'mon, fresh peaches. At the end of the week, our shelves bore the weight of:

3qts Halved Peaches in Light Syrup
7 half-pints and 5 quarter-pints White Peach Salsa
4 half-pints Peach Butter
2 1/2 pints Peach Syrup
2qts 4oz Peach-Lavender Lemonade Concentrate
5 half-pints and 4oz Peach Jam
2 1/2 pints Peach Jelly
7oz Peach Fruit Leather

We were exhausted, but accomplished! Some of the recipes I used called for what I feel was too much sugar, so I will probably be reducing the amount of sugar in similar recipes here on out. I want to taste peaches, not peach-flavored jolly ranchers!

You know what goes amazingly well with homemade peach jelly? Home-baked bread!

I recently replaced my bread pans and cookie sheets with some new ceramic-coated pans. They are magic! Nothing sticks to them, and they're a cinch to clean up afterwards. I'm in love!
The bread recipe I used is from The Daily Dish, and it is wonderful! Much better than any sandwich bread I've ever purchased at the store. I baked these two days ago, and Mr. Bear has already polished off a whole loaf!

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