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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cheating on my Camera

 Mr. Bear and I have incredibly generous friends and family in our lives, and received everything on our honeymoon registry, except a new camera. Which is fine, I'm totally not complaining about that. We have all the camping equipment we wanted, and then some, and we have awesome hotels booked(and a yurt!) and money for great restaurants and souvenirs. It's going to be the most amazing three-part honeymoon ever, and we are incredibly excited for it.

It's just that my poor little Kodak EasyShare that I've had for three years has been all over the world with me and it's taken some knocks. It's also now quite eclipsed by newer cameras. I'm saving up for the NEX-5n, but I've been feeling rather down about not having a nicer camera to take on the honeymoon to capture all of our awesome moments with. Mr. Bear, wonderful man that he is, borrowed a Nikon D40x for me to use on the honeymoon, and brought it home so I could learn it before we leave next week. I adore my new husband.

I'm already in love with this camera, it takes such better pictures than my old one. I've only been shooting around the homestead, but I plan on taking it out this week and seeing what it can do.

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