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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Today, on a Very Special Bird Hearts Bear

"Getting weddinged" is a term I've heard used to describe having a wedding after you've already been legally married, which is what we're doing. Today is the big day and already a million things are going wrong, so I am trying to adopt a fairly laid-back attitude to it, though I think it's coming off more as indifference born of frustration. However, the closer we get to Wedding Time the more I find myself able to let go of things I was stressing about 24 hours ago.
My friends have been beyond amazing, crafting for hours on end. My family have been beyond amazing, running all the errands and taking care of anything I couldn't take care of myself(or shouldn't, for my sanity). This wedding is going to be amazing and awesome and fun, there will be soooooo many pictures, and they will all be incredible. It's okay that I didn't have time to make my Twister quilt. It's okay that my cakes are drastically different than what I set out to create. It's okay there are no cupcakes. It's okay we couldn't get a pretty rental car. I wrote my vows, I have a ceremony planned, and there will be confetti cannons, silly photobooth pictures, sparklers, volcanoes, and hula hoops. People will dance and drink and laugh and cry, and so will we.

Mr. Bear, I love you.

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