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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shilling on the blog...

Quinn over at Reformation Acres turned me on to Swagbucks. Basically, instead of using Google to search, you search through their engine, and you can answer surveys and stuff, and earn "swagbucks" which can then be redeemed for things like Amazon giftcards, or even cash through PayPal. Quinn used hers to get a pair of really pretty galoshes for the farm:

...and more recently a new camera lens.

I was pretty skeptical, but I actually have enough Swagbucks now for a $10 Amazon gift card after about a week of surveys in my spare time and regular internet browsing. I'm saving up for the $50(or in my wildest of dreams, the $100) Amazon gift card or PayPal deposit to put toward my and Mr. Bear's Honeymoon fund. Honestly, if you spend any amount of time on the internet, just installing the Swagbucks toolbar to do your normal searching is worth it. Even if you never look at their surveys or anything, you get 1 swagbuck per day just for opening your browser window, and after a year, that's $20 for free. What with the economy and job market, twenty bucks is twenty bucks.

So why am I talking about this on the blog? Because if you join Swagbucks through this page, I earn more. Yes, it's a stupid referral scheme and I'm embarrassed for even asking, but money is tight, and I'm not above crowdfunding like this. If you earn swagbucks, I earn swagbucks, so help a blogger out?


  1. I LOVE Swagbucks! It's helped us save at least $10 on diapers every month. As an fyi, the $5 Amazon gift card is the most bang for your 'buck'. :-)

    1. I should have known you'd already be in the know!
      So, do you just collect the $5 ones and use them all at once? Can you use multiple gift cards on the same purchase?

    2. You apply them to your amazon account and the balance is automatically used on your next purchase. I usually have a $15 balance that goes towards our diaper/wipe subscription every month.

    3. Awesome! I ordered four of the $5 cards. Funny that you get more just buying a bunch of $5 cards than you would if you saved up to get the $100.


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