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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Today was absolutely gorgeous outside, and I took advantage of the weather to enjoy the lovely gift Mr. Bear got for me this weekend; a potting bench! We looked at one on sale and determined we couldn't build it for cheaper, so home it came. Here it is:

It looked much more impressive covered in pots and with my trowel in the soil bin.

I got all my seeds into starter pots. Yay! It's been sporadically snowing and hailing all week, so they may be going under makeshift greenhouses next week, but still. Progress! I also dug up the Snowdrops from the old house and planted them in a pink pot out front.

After gardening, we took Ponyo to Manito Park and walked about for a bit. She enjoyed the new park and as always was much better behaved for Mr. Bear than she is for me.

Tonight's PnP rehearsal is an Easter Potluck as well, so here is my contribution; a Quorn faux-chicken roast for us vegetarians. It's been marinated in a mix of mustard, maple syrup, cloves and cinnamon, and orange juice, and as you can see I stuck some orange slices on top. It smells delicious!

And finally, what would Easter be without a bunny? This is Ianto, and he's coming home with us in a few weeks. We need to build him a hutch!(Edit: Turns out Ianto is female and we've named her Butterscotch!)

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  1. Your Easter was nicer weather than ours - rainy and gloomy here, but yesterday was wonderful. Glad you and Ponyo are out getting exercise. The new bunny is adorable - is he an angora?

  2. Yes, he is a Satin x German cross.


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