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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sewing Workshop

I ended up having only one student, so it was more a private lesson than a workshop. I took some 8x8 inch squares of fabric that I designed myself(which you may remember from this post) and cut them into triangles.

Emily and I picked out eight triangles and practice hand sewing straight seams to piece them together into four small squares.

Ponyo was, as ever, ensuring our safety.

...or just mucking about.
Once we pieced the triangles together by hand, we practices machine-sewing straight seams to piece the squares together into a block. I stupidly forgot to take pictures of the process, but I had Emily bind her quilt block, batting, and backing together with strips of scrap fabric on the sewing machine to finish her quilt potholder/tea trivet/what-have-you.

Emily had brought along a pair of adorable sailor pants she wanted to make into shorts, so we pinned them where she wanted them to fall, cut off the excess, rolled the cuffs, and I showed her how to handstitch an invisible hem, which actually takes no time at all. In about ten minutes her pants had become some seriously cute shorts.

All in all, I'd say it was a successful venture. She now has two things she can show off proudly and say she made, and she is no longer daunted by altering her clothes thanks to the invisible hem stitch.

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