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Monday, April 25, 2011

Yudu Test Party

We've been trying to screenprint shirts to sell at shows, and to that end Jewels purchased a Yudu and brought it over so we could give it a whirl. It's quite the involved process. You basically have to perfect the art of applying capillary film to the screen before you can do anything else.

This was the image we started with, drawn for us by Jana's awesome and talented boyfriend, Ben.

Jana was also delivered of a healthy baby boy last week, and brought him over to meet everyone. Levi is adorable and tiny and was very quiet the whole visit. Ponyo, true to form, was waaaaaay more interested in food.

About three hours after beginning the process, we were ready to test our screen. Mr. Bear had a spare black shirt we tried it out on.

And here is our result. Not bad. The definition in her fishnets didn't translate, nor did the feather she's holding in her mouth. I've prepped another screen and we'll try again. My final verdict on the Yudu is that it is way too expensive($20 for two emulsion sheets. Two.) and not at all user-friendly. I don't think I'll be getting one of my own.

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