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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Animal House

So Blogger is being weird and not letting me respond to comments on my blog. For those who asked, I got Mr. Bear's engagement ring from a company called Kinekt Design, and I highly recommend them. On to the content!

Butters is getting bigger and bigger. It seems like we just brought her home and already she's hopping up onto the couch. Ponyo is dead jealous of her. When I let Butters hop about the house, all Ponyo wants to do is lay in my lap and force her head under my hand so I'll pet her. She is not at all interested in playing with the rabbit.

Butters, for her part, sniffs at Ponyo when she's hopping past, but not much more than that. She's having too much fun exploring the rest of the house.

She's a literary bun.

And adorable.

She thinks she's still smaller than she really is, and sometimes it causes her to get stuck.

We cleaned out her kennel the other night, and in the meantime flipped the lid over and placed her in that. She decided to take the opportunity to practice her jumping.

See that look right there? She's thinking "I can totally jump that far..."

Which she did. Not pictured are the numerous times she missed and fell into her food bowl.

See all that scattered food?

She's also decided her new litterbox is the perfect place to lounge, much to Mr. Bear's consternation. Sigh.

In other animal news, Ponyo has gone into heat, which necessitated certain...adaptations.

She hates me so much right now.

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  1. I'm not surprised that Ponyo is a little jealous. She certainly didn't get a lot of personal attention in her previous home. Hopefully she will become more secure as she feels loved and has a stable home. I feel your pain about the diapers. There was a possibility of breeding Maggie, so she went through a couple of heats before the breeder decided not to breed her and allowed us to have her spayed. Not fun!


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