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Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Harvest

Something is going on with my garden. My basil doesn't seem to be doing well and I can't figure out why. My transplant peas are sickly toward the bottom and I don't know how to fix it. And my seedlings seem to have stopped growing.

The only thing tempering my frustration is the face that potato plants are thriving, and that today I got to make breakfast using green onions from my garden. It's the small victories.

In celebration of my first edibles, I bring you

Onions: A Retrospective

From their humble beginnings...

To the excitement of the first green shoots...

The relief of thriving plants in a struggling garden...

And the anticipation of dishes to come...

Finally, the sweet sweet realization of all that hard work when you dig your fingers down through the earth and pull up something you can eat.

Aren't they spectacular. After all my speculation on what exactly is going on down there, to finally be able to see it.

I'mma eat 'em. Eat 'em all. Om nom nom!

They were delicious minced and scrambled with my eggs. I'm going to eat the next ones on a baked potato. Thinning out plants is delicious!

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