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Monday, June 6, 2011

Farm Chicks Antique Show

This past weekend saw the Farm Chicks Antique Show out at the fairgrounds. Sadly I'm flat broke and so came home with no treasures beyond a poster Mr. Bear thoughtfully purchased for me. The show filled me with inspiration for the house, however.

It was indeed fun, as advertised. So many vintage feedsack cloth stacks and beautiful pyrex bowls and colorful furniture!

Desi and I are now on a mission to thrift armfulls of slips, which we will dye and embellish.

I so very badly need this mirror and attendant letters in my house. Specifically my boudoir.

Mr. Bear emphatically stated "I absolutely did not call!"

Loveliest liquor cabinet ever. Like it was pulled from a ship captain's quarters. The bottles read Bourbon, Scotch, Rye, and Gin.

I don't care how overdone the whole eyewear-on-the-tophat look is, I love this guy's ensemble. And I had a much more fetching pose and expression on my face before Mr. Bear made me laugh as he was taking the picture!

Ah, typewriter keys. I've long had an idea to fashion buttons with them for the front of a corset...

Garden shed with a trowel latch? Yes, please! This would look so lovely in my garden.

And a greenhouse made from old windows. Perhaps the answer to my seed starting problem? Actually, I think not waiting until May to start is the answer there.

Burlap sack plant pots! If I had any money, I'd have taken some of that orange mint home!

These ladies are fabulous.

This osteological display case belongs in my future library. And how.

Future wedding dress?

We are obsessed with vintage hats. Riding hats, bowlers, flowered and veiled hats, hats of every shape and color must grace our heads, but sadly not our homes.

Too cute, no?

And this is how we used to educate our children. Seems a tad suggestive.

All in all a lovely outing! Oh, the poster, yes. Here:

Too pretty to resist. It'll look so nice once it's framed and on the wall.

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