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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Slowly Making the House into our Home

 This past long weekend was very productive here at Ft. McAwesome. Mr. Bear had four days off, and it was bliss having him around all the time. He busted it out on Butters' hutch, and yesterday he managed to make me clean out the library and somewhat organize it.

I'm sad to say in the five months since we moved in, it became a catch-all room for boxes I didn't feel like unpacking, even though we have a storage room in the fully-finished basement where such boxes should have gone. My library was pretty much completely unusable.
But look at it now!!!

It now houses five bookcases, all ready to receive the boxes and boxes of books I have stashed about. I'm such a nerd; the thought of organizing all my books according to my tastes and having them all so accessible...has me salivating.

That ugly ugly chair will get recovered. It will. And someday, when I am not preparing for a big burlesque showcase and am not planning my wedding, I will paint the bookcases and they will be beautiful.

Mr. Bear took the doors off the library closet so I can use it as an art supplies/ music nook. I plan to hang curtains to make it look a little nicer.

My harp and both my violins, including the one that languished, cracked and unplayable, until Mr. Bear surprised me by having it repaired for Christmas. It was a knee-weakeningly romantic gesture, and one that I feel I have yet to properly repay.

While unpacking, I came across a box of tiny ceramic figures that I have had since before I can remember. I do remember playing with them like dolls. Sadly, many were damaged and broken. I have been working on overcoming my pack-rat tendencies, and only kept the ones I really like. I will devise some kind of display for them.

I think the next step after getting the books on the shelves will be finally finally finally framing all the posters and pictures and prints that I have collected and getting them onto the walls. I am very excited about that, as I have not had anything on my walls since I was in high school, and I think my taste has gotten considerably better since then.

Once the library was in a workable condition, Mr. Bear set about making the guestroom functional. Our last house, though teeny-tiny, had very high ceilings, and the loft bed was perfectly usable there. Not so in the new house. Short of cutting the legs out from under the loft bed, the only thing to do was take the mattress down and create a bed below, which is what he did. We've already had guests try out the new arrangement, and they claimed to be comfortable enough.

I also found my plush Ein corgi, of Cowboy Bebop fame. Now I have a real corgi, who was understandably curious about her look-a-like.

Butters is settling into her home very well. Now that she's getting a little older(being 5 months and therefor a surly teenager) I've been reducing her pellet intake and increasing her raw veggies intake. Today I cut up some baby carrots, one of which had a split down the side that made the carrot slices look adorably like hearts.

Munch munch munch. Bunny breakfast!


  1. This looks like so much fun. Whenever I move house the first thing I do is set up the bookcases. I love arranging books and although everything else may be a mess my bookcases are tidy and neat because I love them.

  2. I have been feeling very bad about the state of my books. I haven't been kind to them this move.
    We also have two small bookseller-style bookcases in the living room, where I've been keeping the books I read the most since we moved. But I think that made me complacent about working on the library.


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