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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Winding Down

 The summer is coming to a close, which means the end of the growing season is coming up. It makes me sad, I've learned so much this season that I want to keep pressing on! Mr. Bear has been toying with the idea of installing some grow lights in our storage room downstairs so we can continue to grow things through the winter.

My back deck container garden is doing well. The asparagus we planted seems to be holding on admirably. I hope to take it with us when we eventually move.
 I love it's green fronds, they're so soft.

 I think we may have another cucumber growing on the vine! I certainly hope so. We've had a dearth of pollinators this year, which means no pumpkins and only one cuke so far.

 I tied the vines up to expose the flowers a bit more, I hope it helps.

 Only one of the three lavender plants we brought back from San Juan Island survived, but it's doing marvelously! I even harvested some of the lavender to put in my hexipuffs, so the finished quilt will smell heavenly.

 The lemon tree is going to be an indoor-outdoor plant for sure. Right now it's living on the back porch, but it will look lovely in the living room when the time comes to move it inside.

 Our pepper plant is the only plant that seems to have no trouble getting pollinated. We have half a dozen new little peppers forming on it, even as the first round are beginning to turn red.

 These little guys are so spicy that I could use just one in a giant pot of chili, or just one in a giant bowl of salsa. I may have to dry them on a ristra, because there's over twenty on this plant!

 Mr. Bear and I stumbled across a picnic table and two benches at a thrift store, which is fantastic because we have been lacking in seating for our gatherings this year. With the garden party coming up this Sunday, we found this at the perfect time! I love it, I think it looks great with all the plants.

 Ponyo never misses an opportunity to make me feel guilty for paying attention to anything besides her. She has such a tough life, it's hard out there for a pup.

 The sunflower my friend Mokeph gave me as a seedling has blossomed into a gorgeous multi-headed bloom. It makes me smile every time I see it.

 Our cherry tomato plants are also producing prolifically, which is a relief because when they arrived in the mail, there were so close to death that I had to prune back over half the stalk to encourage new growth. They've really taken off, though.

 I keep them next to the pot of basil(that I grew from seed!) so Mr. Bear can grab a cherry tomato and a basil leaf and pop them in his mouth for a bite of pure yum.

I'm starting another basil pot(you really can never have enough), and I've planted another box of radishes and a box of carrots and greens. I finally ripped out the dessicated pea plants and planted sunflowers and mini pumpkins. All the new plants are sprouting already, which makes me hopeful for a late fall harvest before we get into the really cold weather. We're already planning an in-ground garden for next year. Mr. Bear is designing a greenhouse for me, I'm so excited! I'm also reading up on canning and preserving in preparation for a bigger harvest next year. 

I'm sad to see the summer go, but then I remind myself that we're getting into the holiday baking and crafting season, and I feel better.

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