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Friday, October 19, 2012

They grow up so fast...

 The girls are getting bigger everyday! Their baby fluff is coming loose and floating away like dandelion puffs, and their pinfeathers are coming in. I've been holding them more and more, to get them used to being picked up and held and hopefully to make them friendly, sociable hens. We're getting closer and closer to our urban chicken dream of our own small backyard flock.

Ada is very docile and quiet, I haven't noticed the others picking on her too much, she just seems to prefer to keep to herself.

 Marie is still the boldest of the bunch. She will protest loudly when picked up, but quickly adjusts and explores your lap.

 Rosie is maturing faster than the other girls. Her wings are feathering out nicely, and she's already getting pinfeathers on her tail. She's very sweet and will fall asleep in my lap.

Ruth, more than any of the others, hates being held. She's also the first to experiment with her burgeoning wings. I think she's going to be the most independent hen in the flock.

Ponyo is extremely curious and simultaneously afraid of the girls, which is really funny to watch. Butters is completely indifferent, as she is to most things. I'm having nightmares about losing the girls, which I think is due to my anxiety as a first-time chicken momma. I'll continue trying to socialize them as best I can, and hopefully soon they'll stop fleeing my hand.

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