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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Today was absolutely lovely. I kept my promise to myself to walk downtown from my house as often as possible. I had a refreshing little lunch of miso, cucumber salad, and a veggie roll(my attempts to develop a sushi palate are going well). I perused local quirky shops and found a billfold that perfectly matches my purse and which also has about a bazillion pockets for organization. Score!
I capped the afternoon sipping a mocha and working on my french knot technique while engaged in conversation with Jill Malone about feminism, parenting, travel, and burlesque. I love those quiet days in which nothing especially amazing happens, but lots of small, wonderful interactions add up to make a peaceful, fulfilling, deeply enjoyable afternoon that just sort of fades into a cozy evening.
On an unrelated note, Craftzine linked to the most perfect Valentine's Day card ever for Mr. Bear. He's getting the artificial heart blood pump one. Don't tell him!

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