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Friday, May 13, 2011

Checking in on the Garden

My onion sets are doing well, I have nearly twenty green onion shoots poking up through the soil! I'm so excited! I'm growing things! Since I've never actually gardened before in my life, I've decided to take the pressure off myself this year. This is my mad scientist year, where I just experiment with everything. Plant dozens of different kinds of plants and just see how they grow and behave, which need more care or less, which ones I'm absolutely terrible at maintaining and should probably avoid in the future...

They're so cute!

My grandmother dug up some of her chives and brought them to me. I think I'm going to actually sink these into the ground out front, rather than keep them in a container.

I'm totally having a love affair with my bleeding hearts:

They are one of my very favorite flowers. If I could figure out how to incorporate them into a cut flower arrangement, I totally would. But they look pretty nice on the back porch.

Out front, my little seedlings are doing well. I have two kinds of peas that have sprouted and are looking very hardy.

I also now have varieties of carrot sprouting, as well as basil, thyme, marjoram, summer savory, lavender, all in addition to the multitude of greens that are already sprouted.

That's my tarragon. I've also discovered that borage has adorably fuzzy leaves. The only thing still holding out are my peppers and tomatoes...

I also put a tub of tulips on the front porch. They were budding when I bought them, I was excited to see they bloomed into a vivid purple! I love purple.

Most of the houses in my neighborhood have spectacular tulip and daffodil gardens in full bloom right now. It's totally making me jealous. Next spring, my flower garden is going to be spectacular!

Edit: This evening I checked on the garden with Mr. Bear, and we found that our storage onions have sprouted as well!

We also just got our first box of local organically grown produce delivered by the local co-op, Fresh Abundance! Life is delicious right now!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE bleeding hearts, and yours look so healthy! Good choice!

  2. Me too, they're soooo pretty. I've been enchanted by them since I was a kid. How can you resist a flower you can tell stories with?


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