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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Something Wicked...

For our anniversary, Mr. Bear surprised me by getting us tickets to see Wicked. I was completely thrilled! The show was last night and it only occurred to me earlier in the week to make something special to wear to the show(even though we got tickets in March...I'm a procrastinator). I decided to take the black and white striped ruffle fabric I wore for the PnP Black and White Show in which I was the Cheshire Cat, and make it into a more flattering tube dress.

Unflattering, too-big-on-top tube dress.

Yeah, it was an awesome show. Bet you wish you had gone now, don't you?

I used my handy dandy new dressform to pin the fabric in a more flattering way and added some sleeves.

Why yes, I only have a limited digital camera, ugly carpet, and never know what to do with my arms. Why ever do you ask?

I then used this tutorial to make a Billy Cardi in Elphaba Green. It's a really fabulous tutorial. I had never thought of using freezer paper to make patterns, but it's completely brilliant. Her entire blog is completely brilliant. There's, like, twelve things she has tutorials for that are now on my list.

And now I have this awesome reusable pattern. Score!

 I also made a belt out of some 2" black elastic and a buckle, to either belt the dress or the cardigan, depending on how I'm wearing it. It can be worn open. thusly:

Or demurely closed for a sort of retro swing coat vibe, like so:

I feel the red shoes really tie the whole look together. Ruby slippers, green Elphaba cardigan, and a dress striped like Nessarose's stockings.

I didn't make my front pieces as wide as she did in the tutorial, so my collar didn't do the cool drape-y triangle thing, but I think it still works. Also, my decorative stitches ended up tearing out a chunk of the collar, so my inside became the outside and there were no decorative stitches. I also had extra fabric at the tops of the sleeves, so each sleeve cap has four inverted box pleats, which I think looks pretty cute. That's called making it work.

Not bad for a first attempt at pattern drafting. I'll definitely be making more of the cardigans. They're comfy and cute.

The show was completely amazing. If you ever get the chance to see Wicked, definitely do so! The sets, the costumes, the music, it is all incredible. Mr. Bear enjoyed it very much, which pleased me greatly. Plus, look where our seats in the balcony put us:

That's right, dead center! It was the best date night ever. 

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