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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day of the Lepus

Today is the day we finally got to bring our rabbit home! You may remember me mentioning us getting a rabbit...
 However, our new addition is female, rather than male, so we did not end up naming her Ianto. We call her Butterscotch, or Butters(perhaps this Halloween Professor Chaos will make an appearance!) for short. Before I had a chance to take some super cute pictures of her, she soiled herself, leading instead to Butterscotch's First Bath(at Ft. McAwesome):

Now in 3D!

She actually wasn't afraid of the water and hopped about in it for a bit, before I lathered her up and rinsed her off. She was pretty messy underneath. And none too happy when we were done:

Poor Butterscotch. We're the meanest people ever!

Ponyo was pretty curious about her, but we didn't allow her out of her kennel until we had Butters safely put away in her temporary hutch(which is actually another kennel).

Poor Ponyo has no idea what to think, what with us bringing home a new pet.

Butters was unfazed. She's used to dogs.

We also got the peas transplanted. Mr. Bear was a big help, drilling drainage holes in the bottom of the pot and building a trellis for me.

Ponyo was pretty much just interested in eating dirt.

Here she is just after snatching up a mouthful of potting soil:

"Om nom nom nom!"

We initially had the peas on the back porch, but when Mr. Bear caught Ponyo grabbing a mouthful of snap pea seedlings and trying to run off, they were moved to the front. And Ponyo was(unjustly, she feels) punished accordingly. We took her for a long walk later, to reassure her she's an important part of the family, too.

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  1. awww he is so totally adorable:)))))congrats and a little snuggle kiss for butterscotch from me:)))


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