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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Locally Produced Goodness!

While I wait for my garden to become robust enough to provide my table with produce, Mr. Bear. and I have joined a local food movement in our area called Fresh Abundance, and every other week they bring me a box of fresh produce. Look what we got this week:

Zucchini, blood oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, romaine, mixed baby greens, a cucumber, carrots, an onion, apples...$35 per box, more than reasonable for locally produced food. Plus it's growing our local economy!
It's an awesome program. If you are lucky enough to live in an area to have something like this, I highly recommend you take advantage of it.

Meanwhile, back at Farm Ft. McAwesome, all my onions have sprouted! Huzzah! That's about twenty green onions and ten storage onions. Not bad. Easily the best growing thing in my garden right now, not surprising since they started as onion sets rather than seeds.

It's like an onion jungle!

My black zucchini finally sprouted as well! I was worried it wasn't going to, but apparently it's been hard at work below the surface.

The porch tulips are still lovely as ever.

The peas we transplanted over the weekend appear to be doing well, despite a windstorm that knocked them over the other day. Their little vines are grabbing onto the trellis, hopefully they'll be able to withstand the wind now.

And look! My sweet pea has a blossom!

I can't wait for fresh peas!

My lily of the valley is about ready to bloom, too.

So lovely.

Butterscotch is acclimating well to her new home. She's started getting inquisitive about her surroundings and exploring more. Right now we have her in a large kennel that belonged to one of Mr. Bear's previous canines. It's plently big for Butterscotch now, but she's going to be a big girl. Mr. Bear is building her a beautiful indoor hutch.

I filled a paper towel roll with grass and gave it to Butters, she loves it.

She is so fluffy, you have no idea. It's like holding a cloud.

Ponyo was feeling neglected while I checked on Butterscotch, so she grabbed one of her rope toys in a bid for attention. The way she plays with those toys, well, you just kind of have to see for yourself:


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  1. That's one happy dog! I've never seen a dog that can play by herself as well as Ponyo did. I love it when she throws her toys up in the air.


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