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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Silent Party

Last Friday we celebrated the birth of The Divine Jewels, creator and director of my burlesque troop. Fittingly, her party was colorful, dark, and strange. It began with a silent dinner, in which you could load up your own plate, but had to get someone else to feed you. All without speaking a syllable.

Yes, those are non pareils on her lips.

Mr. Bear and I started off with each other...

...but eventually there was partner-swapping.

And food fights.

And a delicious delicious candy bar. After the silent dinner, we were permitted to speak again as The Divine Jewels was presented with her gifts.

She was pretty stoked about all the swag she got.

We were pretty stoked about the cake.

Mr. Bear and I collaborated on our gift for Jewels. It wasn't ready until last night. As she is also a dj and has been needing her own pair of awesome headphones, Mr. Bear thoughtfully bought her a pair, and he had the brilliant idea that I should glam them up. Here's what I came up with:

They look like a mermaid found them in a pimp pirate's chest at the bottom of the ocean. If Henry VIII had been a dj, he would have worn these.

First, a few coats of spray paint.

Then about 8 coats of glitter glue.

Then some feathers and rhinestones. These things are amazeballs under the lights.

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