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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Problem Corgi

I love Ponyo, I really really do. She is adorable and affectionate and playful. All around an awesome dog. But she cannot for the life of her figure out that she has to "go" outside. Since we've had her, we've not gone a week without an accident. Carpet, linoleum, it doesn't matter. I take her out first thing in the morning, and she's more interested in eating grass than attending to her business. Sometimes she won't even pee, she'll just bark at things. I've taken to giving her fifteen or so minutes, then putting her back in her kennel for a while if she doesn't relieve herself, and trying again.
The introduction of a rabbit to the house is compounding the issue. Tonight I set up a baby gate to keep Ponyo in the kitchen while I let Butterscotch out in the living room to get some bunny exercise. I thought that would be better than making Ponyo go back into her kennel while Butterscotch was out. However, after putting the rabbit away and taking down the baby gate, I come to find Ponyo, who would barely poo this morning and didn't at all this evening, had taken a massive dump on the kitchen floor. It's like she saves it all up for when she's mad at me.
Mr. Bear assures me we can get both animals to coexist, he's managed it in the past with seven animals in one house. But I'm beginning to worry...

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