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Monday, May 2, 2011

In Defense of Grannies

This post over on The Purl Bee expresses perfectly my perturbation at all the craft books/magazines/sites/etc. that all too often use the tagline "Not your Granny's X". My grandmothers are amazing women who work a kind of witchcraft my generation has forgotten. They can get stains out of anything, their needlework and stitchwork is beyond anything I can aspire to, their kitchens turn out culinary masterpieces and their gardens look like paintings. I should be so lucky to knit like my grandmothers, sew like them, bead like them. Maybe your grandmother couldn't stitch a blanket to save her life, but leave my grandmother's handiwork out of it!

Parenthetically, I think this may need to be my next quilting project:

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