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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Revolution Will Be Green and Leafy

Mr. Bear and I spent the weekend working on the yard and gardening. One of our goals, inspired by Gayla Trail(whose books you really must read!), is to grow all our own salad greens. Once our first head of lettuce, arugula, spinach, etc. becomes viable, I don't ever want to buy greens at the store again. A small and achievable goal, which hopefully will boost my gardening confidence. My arugula is already starting to sprout, much to my delight!

I love love love my potting bench. And I love love love Mr. Bear for getting it for me. He's the tops. I carried that big bag of soil up to the deck from the garage all by myself! It wasn't easy. I have no upper body strength.

We took Ponyo to Manito Park on Sunday, and there happened to be a plant sale! It was the last day so everything was super inexpensive. I got two tomato plants, two basil plants, a California Wonder bell pepper plant, and a Lily of the Valley, for a grand total of six dollars! And a stack of seed starter cell trays for free! Total kismet.

We found the French wine crate at a thrift store and thought it would be perfect for my onion sets(we checked to make sure it was heat-treated, not pressure-treated, first). I thickly and deeply sowed half the crate for green table onions and thinly/shallowly sowed the other half for storing onions.

The bleeding heart came from a nursery, along with a tub of purple tulips, which are on the front porch soaking up sun. The potting bench is always in the shade on the back, making it perfect for the bleeding hearts.

Speaking of Ponyo, here she is at her target weight of 20lbs(she's a bit of a runt). She was 27lbs when she was rescued, which was much too much for the poor girl, as you may remember from this post. Lots of walks and exercise and a reduced food diet later, she's slim and energetic and can go off her diet! More food is always welcome to corgis, which is how she became obese in the first place, so we're being very cautious with her.


  1. Oh my! Ponyo is so lovely!! When we got her, her tummy almost dragged the ground. She now looks exactly like a healthy, happy Corgi should look. You guys rock!

  2. Yeah, we are not at all swayed by big puppy eyes and plaintive whines. We put the love in "tough love", 'cause it works!

  3. Beautiful!! I hope you have a lovely, flourishing garden in the near future!


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