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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Hot Mess Show

Phwew! That was a lot of work, and now that it's done, the frantic costuming and prop-building is behind us(for the moment) and I actually have time to tend my garden and walk my dog again! Hurray! Here are some Before and After show shots:

Lots of delinquent schoolchildren ready to rock n' roll! I'm the tiny one center back.

Last-minute pastie making is a time-honored tradition in PnP.

Lovely Honey and her garters.

My amaze-tastic headphones and guitar for the opening act!

Post-show dance party! It looked just like that, too. A haze of impressionistic color.

Digital Boy d.j. solo for the first time! Note the fuzzy green legwarmers.

At this point in the evening, Divine was simply crying and hugging everyone.

But still with it enough to belt!

It was a super fun show, over-the-top raunchy and hilarious and offensive and irreverant. The stress of getting everything ready for the show melts away on show night for me, and it's just me getting to play on stage with my amazing friends while people watch and have a great time. My life is soooo fun!

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